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  Home ++ Refresh this page. Reset/Refresh Time + Reset/Cancel Timers
  Egypt Map View Egypt on OpenLayers map (Google Map clone). You can also enter one or more coordinates and see the locations on map.
  Thistle & Leaf Calendar Thistle Voids/New Leaves Calendar; includes Time predictor. Shows the next 11 times (your local time) daytime thistles can be ran. Shows the next date/time (your local time) that the voids/leaves change will occur.
  Beer DB Report/Find Yeast Locations and Beer Recipes.
  Herb:aList DB Clone of Rogarian's Herb:aList but uses my DB directly imported from Wiki Herbs. T10 Herbs and methods here!
  Herb DB Uses same database as above, just a different view. T10 data on this Google Spreadsheet
  Mushrooms DB Alternative to Shroomdar; Post and view mushroom sighting on a Google like map. You can view many different reports.
  Tattoo Location DB Search for your pigment mortar locations very easily! Unlike the wiki which requires a bit of work and sorting to find locations, you can find matches with a couple of clicks. You can also import your list using the Clipboard button in the game!
  Otter Helper Sabuli's Otter Helper is back!
  Oyster Solver Solve those pesky Oyster puzzles quickly, while swimming, for Pearls!
  University List List of Universities along with their distance from the chariot. Example of use: You got a list of herbs for Test of Tattoo, but didn't like the list. Now you want to visit another University of Body to get a new list. Now you can quickly see which region has the least amount of running to UBody.
  /Roll Similar to /roll in games. If you are in a situation where everyone could roll to decide something, then this page could solve your dilemma ;)
  Compound List Paste clipboard from "Maintain Compound" or "Load Materials for Blueprint" list. Outputs a consolidated list of materials needed.
  Google Map Maker This will let anyone create a Google like Map and add your own marker locations and marker types.
  Falcon Finder This is the original Falcon Finder (in Test of Safari wiki page), but I substituted the map with the brand new Tale 8 map image.
Note: This applet only works with Internet Explorer !
  Test Passes Show Lastest Test Passes or Search System Logs for all Tests since beginning of Tale.
  System Logs Search all System log messages since beginning of Tale.
  Game Clock Display Egypt Time on your website and other trivia about Game Time.

  ATITD Wiki Tale 8 - #1 source for info about the game!
  Game Chat Logs Look up past game chat logs for System, L2PBS, Bazaar, Events, The Learning Channel, Enn channels.
  ATITD Forums Official Game Forums!
  ATITD IRC Duplicate/Backup link in case wiki goes down - Use IE - Contact someone (try Nchanter first) to restart the server
  Automato Also known as VeggieTales (deprecated). Only the best macro system for ATITD!.
Anyone is welcome to commit updates to the GitHub Repository !
I have permissions to merge any commit. If you need something merged, give me a shout on Discord @Cegaiel#5875
Chat with other players via Discord!
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Interested in macros? Join Automato server, by Jimbly.
Chat with your fellow players, report bugs, ask questions or observe!
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Automato Thistle Utilities:

Convert Delimited recipe to ThistleSim(history.txt/*.lua to ThistleSim format)
Convert ThistleSim to Delimited recipe(ThistleSim to history.txt/*.lua format)
Convert Chest clipboard to Stock data(config_thistle.txt)

Convert Egypt Time to Your Local Time:
Input a time (Egypt) and see what time it will occur (Your Local Time)
Note a chime sound file will play when 'Remaining' timer is done.
AFK friendly - page can be in background, but just do not minimize the screen or sound will not play.

Egypt Time: :  

Real / Teppy / Game Timer:
Input one or more fields below (Hours : Minutes : Seconds). Select Real, Teppy or Game timer.
Note a chime sound file will play when 'Remaining' timer is done, (AFK friendly).
Windows Users: You can download a standalone freeware Teppy timer program called ATITD Timer

Hours: Mins: Secs:  
Real Teppy Game/Egypt

Current Teppy/Duck Multiplier: 0.9075020932119

This means 1 Teppy/Duck Minute = 54.45 seconds.
Brick Calculator: (Popup)
Enter the QTY of the straw you have OR the amount of bricks you desire (Click correct radio button).
Note: Flimsy racks makes 6 bricks, Improved racks makes 12 bricks.


Bricks Straw

Any errors, suggestions, bugs, feedback? Contact Cegaiel in-game, @Cegaiel#5875 in Discord Chat