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Only the old Internet Explorer will work on this page!
If you don't see a box above with buttons and a map of Egypt, then this is why. Press WinKey + R and type iexplore to run IE.

You need Java Runtime installed. If you just see a square with a red x on upper left corner or if the box is black, then you don't have it installed.
Goto http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp to install. If you get an error saying "Java applications are blocked by your security settings" or "Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running", then you need to add https://atitd.sharpnetwork.net to the Exception list in Java control panel. See instructions here. Win7/8/10 users, click Start button and type "Configure Java" in the box. Choose Security tab, then 'Edit Site List' button. Click Add button and enter: https://atitd.sharpnetwork.net . Click Ok. Don't worry, Java will still ask "Do you want to run this Unsigned Application?" each new session. Adding my site to the exception list doesn't mean I can sneak or force other java applications. It will still ask you first even with my site in the exception list.


  • To move around on the map, simply hold down the right mouse button and drag or you can enter a coord in the "Start Position" panel and click the button.
  • To Zoom in and out either use the zoombar or scroll your mouse wheel if your mouse got one.

    To get and narrow down a search area do the following:

  • First choose the direction your falcon flew off in by clicking the corresponding button on the direction panel.
  • Then either click on the map where you dropped the rabbit or enter the exact coords in the "Rabbit Position" panel and click the button.
  • This should should outline the area where the nest is in red, each time you drop another rabbit, and repeat this procedure it will be narrowed down.
  • Simply keep repeating this until the area is small enough to be searched manually.
  • Tip: Drop your first 1-3 rabbits in different regions initially. ie I drop my first one at River Plains chariot. If it says north, I then go to Midland Valley chariot and drop another. You will likely waste rabbits if you stay in the same region early on. Egypt is a huge area. North can mean 2 regions away ;) So start out with wide areas then start narrowing it down in the same region.


    • When you have found your falcon or failed to get it cause someone else got it first or it switched nest click "Reset" in the Menu to start over.
    • Should you misclick on the map or want to undo your latest drop click "undo" in the menu, you can undo as many drops as you want.
    • You can also choose which parts of the interface you want to be displayed by using the tools menu in the menubar.

    I strongly encourage you to keep a log while using this program! On Notepad, write down coordinates where you drop EVERY rabbit and the direction it went. It is very easy to undo something unintentionally or to entirely screw up your progress by a misclick. By keeping track, you can always start over and input everything again and get back to where you was.


    Falcon Finder was originally created in 2005 and full credits to this application goes to Ronald de Keijzer (aka Geldon).
    Thanks to Oni for the T6 map image. Original location to map image is http://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/File:EgyptFullT6.PNG
    I simply resized it to 2048x4096 and converted to .gif which this applet requires.
    Additionally, I replace the map each tale. Currently the map is using Tale 8 image.

    KNOWN ISSUES: Some of the land wont display on the world borders. This is about 100+ coordinates on all borders of the world that will be chopped off. This same behavior also occurs in the original falcon finder. This is not an issue with the map, but rather the java program. Since I do not have the source code, I can not fix this.