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This is a random number generator, currently set for 1-100.
The code I am using is Visual Basic. You can google "ASP random number generator" and see this is a pretty common example and the results are fair:
Dim max,min
Roll = Int((max-min+1)*Rnd+min)

This page is my work around for a /roll feature to the game.
Entries older than 30 days are subject to be purged by Cegaiel.


Roll the dice as many times as you want as a test. I want you to have confidence that this is rolling random numbers fairly.
When you are ready to commit to a roll, check the box "Commit". If you roll the dice with this checkbox ticked, your name will be recorded along with your roll.
The results will be displayed at the bottom for all to see! If you accidentally commit and record more than one roll, your first roll will be used.

Your Name:
Commit and record my next Roll for all to see

This is the list of the last people who committed a roll of the dice:
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