2023-Dec-29: Yeast Locations page now has a "View All" link, beside "Coords" on first/last rows (header).

2020-Oct-3: All times in DB has been converted from my server time EST/EDT (-5 or -4 GMT) to UTC times. Future record add/edit will also record UTC times. Times listed on pages will display in YOUR Local Time Zone.

2019-Apr-24: You are now required to enter your Name and give a brief Reason when Deleting, Un-Deleting or Editing a record. This will help avoid confusion on the "why" factor.

2019-Feb-23: Map (coordinates) and History buttons will now popup inside existing screen.

2018-Oct-13: View buttons will show a quick tooltip while hovering it, to preview info, before clicking it.

2018-Sep-7: All updates (edit, delete, undelete) now creates a copy of the record before performing the update. Changes are viewable in History, which appears as a link in History column. This will ensure data is protected against any malicious activity or accidents ;)

2018-Sep-1: reCaptcha added to verify you're not a robot when editing or delete/undelete records. I've had numerous records mysteriously marked deleted and I suspect it's search engine web crawler bots causing it (by clicking links while they visited). No data was lost.

2018-Aug-12: You can now add/edit Microbes. This would be the bottom line of a Yeast Report from a Kettle. This could be helpful in potentially finding multi-yeast recipes.

2018-Aug-4: My attempt to clone Numaris' Python (.py) version of Beer Database for Active Server Page (.asp). I used quite a bit of Numaris' HTML code to fast forward the implementation of this database. Full credits to Numaris for many portions of the pages that I've used. We Thank You, Sir! Credits to Peacefulness for nudging me into creating this database, finding many bugs, during Alpha stage and suggesting improvements.

If you're unsure how you should enter recipes or yeast locations, take a look at Numaris' T6 Beer Database to give you an idea how they would look after entering.